The physiotherapy offers us techniques and treatments for helping to changes different things about ourselves. As the OMS says, the physiotherapy is “the art and the science of the treatment through the therapeutic exercise, the hot, cold, light, water, massage and electricity…”

At NaturCuera we advice you and treat problems of:

  • Chronic pain (like all the types of backaches)
  • Sports injuries (fractures, sprains, tendinopathies, fibrillar tears…)
  • Deformities and pathologies of the spine (scoliosis, kyphosis, hyperlordosis, herniated discs …)
  • Rheumatological pain, arthritis
  • Circulatory pathologies (lymphedemas, venous insufficiency…)
  • Neurological treatments (hemiplegia, sclerosis, parkinson’s, paraplegia …)
  • Recovery of traumatological injuries (bone, ligament, articular, muscle …)
Consulta de fisioterapia

Our work is focused on manual therapy and the postural re-education in the most of the cases as the efficientest method for recovery and prevents future injury or deformities, improve the postural habits…

We have equipment for diathermy / hyperthermia / tecartherapy, electrostimulation, ultrasound, … to “accelerate” the process of recovery of injuries and improve the effectiveness of treatments, and also a small but well-equipped gym to facilitate the rehabilitation of patients.

Pilates and Physiotherapy Gym
Pilates and Physiotherapy Gym

fisioterapia, pilates terapéutico, herbolario y alimentación ecológica